Our mission

HuhaLab™ collects and processes all data generated by electric vehicles to use for humanity. In addition, we try to protect the global environment from pollution as much as possible through electric vehicles.

Anyone can easily develop new applications using application electric vehicle software, use refined data in various industries, and strive to be used for the happy life of mankind.

We develop an electric vehicle software ecosystem for communication with new generations to return a clean environment to the next generation of mankind.

Our values

The value of HuhaLab™ is to start electric vehicles as connected devices, collect various data, and return them to humanity.

We provide software of connectivity that connects all electric vehicle software developers and users with each other. Our goal is to quickly and easily use modular software to connect data, provide it to heterogeneous devices, and improve the quality of human life.

Easy to manage electric vehicles through Electric Vehicles-As-A-Service (EVAAS).

We provide a new type of software to prevent pollution of the global environment.